goodbye tumblr 

what if there was a company called Crack Company, or “Crack Co.” for short

and they made stuff like walkers, wheelchairs, canes, scooters, etc

and you bought a cane

you’d have just bought Crack Co. Cane

think about it

Anonymous said: y arent u making vlogs anymore?

I’ve been busy, impossibly busy. I will probably make another one soon.

wake and baked.

// fuck you, tumblr.//

the first post on my dashboard is some naked dude. and now everyone behind me in class is laughing at me. fuck you fuck you fuck you with a broomstick.

Anonymous said: You should make a vlog about relationships.

oi, that’s a splendid idea. can’t believe I’ve never thought of that. thank you kindly, anon.

Anonymous said: When is your next vlog?


Actually, yes. very soon. like within the next couple hours. thanks for watching :D

// still alive..//

sorry I haven’t been on much lately, I’ve been pretty busy with the outside world more in these last few weeks, not that it would matter anyways. I’m gonna try to do a vlog tonight if I remember and/or I’m not too tired. fortunately, I finished up the project that was taking up the majority of my time, which was putting a new transmission in my Subaru Impreza Sport wagon, finally. still, I may or may not be busier this week, which means that I may or may not be on. 

deuces people.

so high and mighty, but when the bottom drops out you'll find me standing where you left me.